About The Event

Blockchain Technology while still in its infancy is establishing the very fabric of our future, still under the noses of the masses who find cryptocurrency difficult to understand, use and invest in with confidence. It’s time to make these people ChainWise and educate them on the best projects, platforms and technologies while inspiring their use.

The ChainWise Blockchain Convention will be televised nationally on BizTV through episodes made up from the individual speakers and interviews conducted of the exhibitors and the fans. Nothing like this has been done before in the name of mass adoption and education of the crypto space. Its time…

Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246


Friday and Saturday
February 15/16, 2019

The New Era of Crypto Conferences

The ChainWise Cryptocurrency Convention isn’t about boring pitch booths and uninspired patrons droning around listening to ideas of the future or opinions on the space.

It’s about educating the masses in an exciting way to draw undivided attention to the best projects in the space. It’s about competition, the cream rising to the top while generating real interest in use. It’s about entertainment and most of all, it’s about planting the seed for real mass adoption.

Televised To Up To 300 Million People in the USA

The E3 of blockchain conventions, ChainWise will be nationally televised in up to 300 million homes across the United States.

Influencers will feature their favorite projects in 5 minute segments for online and television media. Blockchain companies of like kind will go head to head, akin to rap battles to impress the crowds with their arguments for features, use case and adoption potential to be voted for through crowd applause based on performance, excitement and inspiration.

It’s time for blockchain conventions to get exciting while being educational. It’s time to focus attention on the potential users, new and veterans alike. It’s time to make the public, ChainWise.

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Conference Schedule

What Will You Experience at ChainWise?
  • Day 1

    February 15, 2019

  • How is Artificial Intelligence can be furthered through the use of blockchain in a variety of applications.
    Artificial Intelligence

  • Whats Coming In The New Era Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
    Mass Adoption

  • How is Blockchain Technology changing the Banking Industry and what to expect.

  • Gaming on the Blockchain
    Blockchain Gaming

  • Day 2

    February 16, 2019

  • The difference between ICO investing and Exchange Trading.
    Beginner Crypto

  • Introduction to what Blockchain Technology is and why it is changing the world.
    Beginner Crypto

  • Methods and necessity for securing yourself against threats in cryptocurrency.
    Beginner Crypto

  • Where Blochchain Tech is today and where it is expected to be in the near and distant future.
    Beginner Crypto

  • Teaching the fundamentals of Exchange use and trading.
    How To Instruction

Our Speakers

More Speakers To Be Confirmed As We Move Closer To Feb 15-16.


11355 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246

The Sharonville Convention Center is Cincinnati’s premier facility for sustainable, world-class meetings, conventions, banquets, trade shows, and public events. The Center offers contemporary meeting spaces and unparalleled customer service, as well an award-winning catering team and menus prepared by a renowned chef.

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Free Crypto

ChainWise Attendees Will Get Free Crypto Coins!

ChainWise attendees will be able to download the Monarch Wallet on IOS/Android at the convention and will be given free tokens right from the start. Your new wallet will be used to obtain free cryptocurrencies from participating booth exhibitors.

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  • networking and relationship building among
  • the crypto community as well as high end
  • lectures by prominent figures.
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    Access to Day 2 of The Conference
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  • Donated To The Shriners Burn Hospital.
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  • veterans and newcomers alike. This is a must not
  • miss day if you're new to cryptocurrencies.
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