2019 Crypto Influencer Awards at ChainWise Feb 16

In 2018, BOOSTO.io  held the first ever Crypto Influencer Awards in New York City where hundreds of people gathered in support of those educating the public on Youtube, Twitter and other social media outlets.

The 2019 Crypto Influencer Awards will be held at the ChainWise Blockchain Convention in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday Feb 16th at 7:00 PM EST.

Influencers from all over will be inspiring their fans and followers to vote for them in hopes of realizing the recognition for their year of hard work during what has become a long bear market. This event is special in that it takes true dedication to push through the emotional symptoms of such a bear market while still putting in the work necessary to publish quality and education content on a regular basis and the 2019 Awards will celebrate the efforts of these influencers in a big way.

This awards ceremony will be shot for television to be aired nationally on BizTV across their affiliate station network, online and within their variety of applications.

More details soon to come.

Featured Image provided by Crypto Fiend

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