Why The ChainWise.us Blockchain Convention in Cincinnati, OH?

Why ChainWise?

When I discovered cryptocurrencies back in November of 2017, I was shocked I hadn’t heard about it sooner. The fact was, I had. I had heard the term Bitcoin thrown around but I was under the assumption is was just a virtual currency for gamers and seedy folks. That was back in 2013.

I discovered cryptocurrencies years later after watching a video by Ian Balina. A video about ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). I was floored. It opened my eyes to what blockchain technology was and started me on a path to an education that would change my life by 2018. As I began doing my research on everything from building a mining rig to investing in ICO’s, I launched my Youtube Channel as the Crypto Crow, where I began sharing what I learned with others as well as my investments. I showed the public how I turned $3,500 into $90,000 in 60 days and my subscriber numbers boomed. 2,500 subs a day for quite a while into January of 2018 before the market began falling and scaring everyone out of the pool.

We are in a wildly volatile arena where the rules and laws associated with the space seem to change with the weather. Millions upon millions are being made by those with technical experience and the desire to take educated risks while the non tech are left out in the cold to fend for themselves. In order for Blockchain technology, crypto companies must develop key infrastructures with ease of use in mind to obtain mass adoption while we as a community strive to better educate the rest on what is happening, why and what to expect moving forward.

The crypto market today has all but reset completely and in a much better position today for strong profit potential than when I originally got into it in 2017. We now have data, history, metrics and more to help us gauge the potential for whats going to shine in 2019.

Until now, cryptocurrency conventions were extremely expensive ventures with ticket prices ranging from $300 to $3,000 per person and exhibit booths could cost tens of thousands for blockchain companies to generate new interests while educating newcomers to their projects. This is a barrier of entry that only allows the currently “crypto wealthy” to participate and not a means for newcomers to learn. We need mass adoption and to achieve that, we need to open the doors for the curious to be able to engage in and learn from the space without having to sell their car for admission. We need all crypto companies to be welcomed with low exhibit fees to encourage their involvement. This is what Chanwise.us Blockchain Cryptocurrency Convention is all about.

The ChainWise.us convention is a two day event with Day 1 being more focused on B2B, Development and networking among the various exhibitors as well as a series of lectures aimed at helping veterans in the space better understand whats happening now and whats to come. Blockchain companies can experience the convention and reach a huge new audience for as little as $1,500.

Day 2 is for the newcomers and with only a $20 per day entry fee, we welcome all who are even remotely curious to come learn. Day 2 is for everyone and anyone curious about what Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are to come in the morning and leave that evening an expert. Day 2 lectures will consist of everything from What Is Blockchain Technology, Crypto Security, Exchange Trading, ICO Investing, Technical Analysis and so much more. As attendees pick and chose their interests, they may then go out into the floor and explore 100 different crypto projects ranging from FinTech Platforms to blockchain gaming, all with a new and inspiring knowledge that will enlighten them to what the future holds for not just them, but all of society on a global scale…and be able to get in on the ground floor of it all and potentially change their lives.

I forgot to mention…50% of all ticket sales after convention expenses have been paid will be donated to the Shriners Burn Hospital of Cincinnati, OH.This is just another way of giving back to the community. My wife was a patient at Shriners at just 4 years old due to a terrible hot oil burn all over her back and they took care of her without charging a dime. I believe in their work and I encourage all who are doing well in the crypto space to support your favorite charities as well.

Whats more? All of the lectures across the two day event will be turned into 1 hour television episodes for BizTV, a national network with a reach of up to 300 million people through affiliate tv stations, applications and online. These videos will also be published on the Crypto Crow ChainWise Playlist on YouTube where 78,000 subscribers will be notified of each one. This is a major deal for companies looking to spread their reach considering the cost of a review on the Crypto Crow YouTube channel is 1 BTC and features are .5 BTC. For less than the cost of a mere feature a company will be present as an exhibitor and be interviewed for national television and YouTube.

Overall, your time is now. It’s time to bring the masses together for an event that will educate, inspire and transform live in 2019 and beyond and its up to you to take the next step.In the meantime, please, share this article on your social media. Like it, share it, talk about it and spread the word. Attendees can get your tickets here. Blockchain companies can reserve your booth space here.

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Be well and Crow Your Coins.


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