How Crypto Companies Benefit From ChainWise

How Crypto Companies Benefit From ChainWise

2017 into 2018 was a monstrous year for ICO’s and crypto projects. A milestone of innovative ideas funded by public interest up to the point of SEC regulation breaking up the party and even then, VIP’s were still allowed to participate in many of these fund raising campaigns.

We are now at a point where many of these projects have spent the last 6 months or more developing their foundation, launching their main-nets and building new partnerships from which to expand their reach and use cases.

ChainWise aims to shine a spot light on these projects in ways never before offered by a blockchain convention. With ticket prices of $20 per day, ChainWise is accessible by everyone and anyone with even a hint of curiosity into the blockchain space and as such, we anticipate thousands of people in attendance seeking leadership, inspiration and their place in the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.

Companies that reserve their booths prior to the major marketing campaign of ChainWise stand to gain a substantial amount of exposure even prior to Feb 15-16.

The marketing campaign for ChainWise will reach millions of people, both crypto veterans and newcomers alike through mediums such as online banner ads, articles as well as local marketing including but not limited to:

Billboards: I-275, I-71 and I-75 reaching 1.8 million people in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State.

Television commercials including: Channel 9 WCPO and Channel 12 WKRC, Appearance on Cincy Lifestyle on Channel 9.

Radio Advertising including 700 WLW not to mention influencer marketing on Twitter, Youtube and more. Overall, millions of people will be hearing about ChainWise as we get closer to the event and we expect record breaking attendee numbers from all over the country. These people will be directed to where they will see your listing on the Exhibits page with links to your website and social media.

Then, we have the event…as attendees approach the gate with their tickets, they will be instructed to download the Monarch Wallet through use of a QR code for IOS/Android. They will immediately receive free Monarch tokens to get them started on their crypto journey. Should you wish to participate, you will be able to issue tokens to those who show genuine interest in your project. Monarch is a 100% decentralized crypto wallet that can store any ERC-20 Token as well as other tokens. Through the use of QR codes you will be able to easily send tokens to attendees. We recommend at least 10 tokens per person.

During the event, our interviewers may stop by your booth for a 2 to 3 minute interview segment for content that will be published on the Crypto Crow Youtube channel as well as BizTV.

Speakers of the ChainWise Convention will also have their 45 minute lectures edited into 1 hour episodes of television for BizTV as well as the Crypto Crow Youtube channel.

There is potential for us to turn the ChainWise season of episodes into an internationally syndicated season of television, though that can’t be confirmed until the episodes are complete.

Overall, ChainWise is about Mass education and mass adoption. We encourage you to reserve your booth now and attain all of the benefits associated with what we have planned for both exhibitors and attendees. Surprises await…

Download the ChainWise Event Deck here.

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