ChainWise BlockChain Convention Cincinnati, OH To Give Away Crypto Tokens To Attendees


ChainWise BlockChain Convention Cincinnati, OH To Give Away Crypto Tokens To Attendees

10/10/19 Cincinnati, OH Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Convention, ChainWise Is Preparing To Give Free Crypto Tokens To Attendees Through The Monarch Wallet

The ChainWise Convention set to take place at the Cincinnati, OH Sharonville Convention Center on February 15-16, 2019 is aimed to become the primary convention for mass education and mass adoption. Targeting the curious newcomers to the space, founder Jason Appleton, also known as Crypto Crow on his Youtube Channel of over 78,000 Subscribers is focusing his attention on those who want to learn as well as veterans of the space.

Contrary to what other blockchain conventions are doing in regards to their exceedingly high ticket pricing from hundreds of dollars to thousands to gain admission, Appleton has not only priced his convention at a low $20 per day ticket ($40 for the full weekend), but 50% of the ticket sales after event expenses have been covered will be donated to the Shriners Burn Hospital of Cincinnati.

“This isn’t a cash grab. This is a mission to educate the people about the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen without the barrier to entry that has kept so many people away thus far.” explains Appleton.

ChainWise is broken down into a 2 day event. Day 1 will focus on the more technical and B2B aspects of blockchain tech and be a day for networking and relationship building as well as lectures by CEO’s of various blockchain companies such as Alex Mashinksy (CEO of Celsius Network and VOIP Patent Holder), Joshua Dewitt (CEO of CoinLion Exchange) and others to be announced. Day 2 is all about educating the curious through a day of lectures by some of Youtube’s top Crypto influencers including Crypto Beadles, Crypto Love, Crypto Crow, Crypto Wendy-O and others to be announced.

Each 45 minute lecture will be edited into a 1 Hour TV episode that will air on BizTV, a national television network of affiliate stations through out the United States, and the Crypto Crow Youtube Channel with an additional goal of internationally syndicating the content.

Blockchain companies who pre-register their booths and get listed on the ChainWise Exhibits page stand to gain a substantial amount of exposure through the pre-convention marketing which is set to reach over 10 million people through a variety of national online advertising as well as local marketing including Billboards, Talk Radio Advertising on 700 WLW, Television Advertising on WCPO Channel 9, WKRC Channel 12, Cincy Lifestyle TV Show and more.

Finally, to get attendees off on the right foot, Monarch Wallet, a 100% decentralized crypto wallet will be providing instructions for people to install the wallet on their mobile device and get them started with free Monarch Tokens. Participating exhibitors will also be encouraged to reward free tokens to attendees with a genuine interest in their project and that ask solid questions and are generally interested in learning and adopting the technology. Our goal is for attendees to leave the convention with more value in crypto than their costs to attend.

Overall, ChainWise stands to make waves in the crypto space as the leading convention for mass adoption and education and one of the only conventions you can attend for under $200 including ticket, airfare and a hotel room.

It’s time to change your life. Come curious, leave an expert.

Jason Appleton


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